Darts is a precision sport that demands high concentration and accuracy.

The control of our hands occupies a large area in the brain. This makes it

understandable that even minimal stress such as negative thoughts or unpleasantemotions reduce the accuracy. Restrictive beliefs, excessive demands on performance or a low error-friendliness can prevent us from showing our full potential. Use my darts coaching to improve your performance and enjoyment.




What is possible with sports coaching with wingwave® and PEP®?


· Accurate finding of performance blockades by means of a muscle test


· Resolution of unpleasant (game) memories and stress before upcoming games. Competition preparation


· Regulation of stressful emotions such as anxiety, excitement or anger


· Processing of injury stress (accident memory)


· Increasing competence confidence and well-being


· Transformation of power-reducing energy robbers into energy donors


· Imagination of goal-oriented inner images and optimal attention-focusing


· Group workshop in your club with instructions for easy emotion regulation


· Dartitis treatment




My offers


With many years of experience in various coaching methods and enthusiastic about the sport of darts, I work in individual or group coaching. In individual coaching, we can individually find through the muscle test exactly the stress factors that block you. In a group (for example, in your club), I show a method to reduce self-stressing emotions such as anxiety or anger what is certainly not only helpful for the sport context.

PEP has a clear structure and is thereby easy to learn in a group - without anyone having to reveal anything about themselves. A self-value coaching related to game performance is in addition to the individual coching also possible in a group context. Transforming self-worth robbers into self-worth donors is essential to be able to show their own performance in competition.


The method is of course applicable in other sports as well!



Feedback from athletes

I was there now and I am thrilled. By profession, I'm already pretty stressed, that's exactly what I felt when playing darts and I had therefore no fun anymore. Already after a session with Viola, I was deeply relaxed, I was able to master relaxed stress immediately. I also enjoy the dart again, because I am totally relaxed on the board. I can only recommend their offer.                                   


She found unerringly events in my past, which I had not been on screen for a long time, but today still unconsciously influence me and have stood in the way of many things ... I was very helpful !!!


Yesterday evening I beat one of the best players of the tournament!! Does not always work, it will never, but it makes such fun again! 😁




for one hour individual coaching:

80 Euro (special conditions after agreement)


I offer you a free half-hour introductory appointment. That means I plan for the first appointment 1.5 hours time. After half an hour you can decide if you want to continue and work for an hour. This has proven to be very good, as we have enough time to make noticeable improvements in the first session.


With my fast and effective methods usually only a few sessions are necessary (between 1-5 appointments depending on the topic).


Group workshop prices are calculated either per participant or as a total amount with the organizer.

Good Darts!


Praxis für Logopädie &

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